Local residents consulted on latest proposals

A public consultation event took place this week in Stainforth, providing local residents with another opportunity to comment on new proposals for derelict land at the former Hatfield Colliery.

Held at Stainforth’s Community Resource Centre, the event was hosted by Helen Mcloughlin of Waystone, together with David Travis and Andrew Johnson of Hargreaves Land.

Joint venture partnership, Waystone Hargreaves Land LLP, has drawn up proposals for a brownfield site, which spans an area of 12.5 hectares. If approved, the plans could see the development of new employment floorspace as well as the construction of new facilities for community, leisure and commercial use.

Helen Mcloughlin, director of Waystone Hargreaves Land LLP, commented: “The public consultation event enabled us to illustrate the proposals for the derelict land and talk to local residents on a one-to-one basis. If approved, we anticipate that the scheme will deliver a mix of jobs at all levels, including a substantial number of middle and high skilled opportunities.

“The event was well attended and proved to be a very productive afternoon. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to come along and talk to us.”

Andrew Johnson, head of asset management at Hargreaves Land, added; “Our exciting proposals would create a significant number of construction jobs, including training and apprenticeship opportunities. There would be a real positive impact on the local economy.

“I would like to thank our professional team who helped to coordinate the consultation event and the local community for their continued interest in the scheme.”

For more information, please visit the dedicated consultation website.