Site tour with Shaping Stainforth

We recently had the opportunity to tour the site with a fantastic group of local young Stainforth residents, all eager to see how Unity is progressing.

On what was a beautiful sunny day in South Yorkshire, development director David Travis and construction director David Bend provided the group with a guided tour of the various developments currently underway at Unity.

The group joined us as part of a fantastic local community initiative by the name of Shaping Stainforth, which is doing excellent work to support the mental health and future prospects of young people in Stainforth.

Shaping Stainforth is helping to create a renewed sense of community pride which will ultimately have a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of residents. Doncaster Council has a track record of working in this way: its wider ‘Well Doncaster’ team provides support to all 88 Communities across the Borough, and having this expertise to draw on has been invaluable for the project team.

Commenting on the event, David Bend said: “It was a fantastic privilege to be able to tour the site with a great bunch of young people from the local community and answer their questions on the work we are doing and what it means for the area.

“Their interest and enthusiasm in the scheme was great to see and we look forward to welcoming them back at some point soon as the various phases of the scheme continue to take shape.”

Karen Seaman, public health improvement Co-ordinator, added: “We are very grateful for the opportunity provided by Waystone Hargreaves Land to give us our own guided tour of Unity. Our group was very impressed with the ambitions and scale of the development and everyone had a brilliant time.”